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PA Bankers Association is committed to a diverse, equal and inclusive workplace, as well as helping our members to achieve their diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) goals. To accomplish this, we share our very own DEI statement, along with various resources for our members outlined below. We will update these resources as needed, so please check back regularly to see what is new.

PA Bankers' DEI Statement

We promote and encourage a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture that values and supports all voices across our organization. We are committed to expanding access and opportunity and to eliminating barriers. We will promote DEI proficiency to our member banks. We will do this by providing resources to support our members so they may develop and meet sustainable DEI goals.

DEI Advisory Group 

The DEI Advisory Group supports and advises the board and senior staff on the following items:
  • Establishing a sustainable DEI initiative for PA Bankers;
  • Ensuring a diverse and inclusive association board and organization;
  • Developing/facilitating DEI training for our members;
  • Developing, expanding and evaluating potential resources and partnerships that support our members’ recruitment, retention and advancement efforts;
  • Developing supplier diversity partnerships or resources to assist members with their supplier diversity efforts;
  • Evaluate metrics used to measure DEI efforts across the entire organization; and 
  • Other efforts and initiatives as needed. 
This group includes the current chairs (or their designee) of the Women in Banking and Emerging Leaders Committees, select banker representatives with diverse backgrounds, as well as others from outside of the organization with direct involvement in diversity & inclusion efforts within their organizations.


The PA Bankers Association is continuing the development of a roadmap to guide member banks throughout their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) journey, regardless of where they are in the process. The roadmap, DEI TRACC – Taking Responsibility and Creating Culture, outlines the various phases involved in establishing long-term sustainable change, to include assessing the current approach to DEI and what strategic steps should be taken to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization.

The goal of DEI TRACC is to provide our member banks with tools to use at the board and executive level to determine where they are, assess themselves and work throughout an ongoing, lasting effort. It is scalable based on the bank size and resources available to support DEI efforts throughout the bank.

DEI TRACC is being developed by PA Bankers and Dr. Linda Eagle, president and co-founder of Global Bankers Institute. Dr. Eagle is a longtime supporter and speaker for the association, as well as a member of the PA Bankers’ DEI Advisory Group.

Our goal is to have DEI TRACC ready to share with our member banks in early 2023. Please stay tuned for updates on our progress as we work to develop this valuable tool for all of you!

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2020 DEI Survey Results: Where Do Our Members Stand?


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