Bank On Keystone Coalition

Ensuring everyone has access to safe banking products and services is critically important, and PA Bankers is partnering with the CFE Fund to expand the number of member banks in Pennsylvania offering certified Bank On accounts to reduce the number of unbanked and underbanked in the state. 

The Cities for Financial Empowerment (CFE) Fund has worked closely with the Bank On National Advisory Board and other key stakeholders to develop the Bank On National Account Standards.

Bank On certified bank accounts are intended to provide low-cost, safe banking products and services to everyone and to reduce the number of underbanked and unbanked.

While many banks may already offer accounts that meet the Bank On standards, they may not realize they qualify for a Bank On certification.

Supporting Bank On certified accounts statewide is a key component of the association’s diversity, equity and Inclusion efforts. We have created a statewide Bank On Coalition (Bank On Keystone Coalition) by securing partners, creating a website, etc. 

We are excited to announce the statewide Bank On Coalition is live, and we are joined by the following partners who are committed to reducing the number of underbanked and unbanked in the commonwealth:

We will continue to add partner agencies and resources moving forward, and we encourage our members to visit the website for more information about offering Bank On accounts and other resources available from our partners in the community. 

Michelle Staton
Chief Operating Officer
(717) 255-6923