"Stronger Together" is the association’s new campaign aimed at creating a strong voice among all PA bankers to effect change and support our communities.

The goal is to brand member banks’ engagement with the association and provide a platform to show the industry and our communities what we do to strengthen the commonwealth, together. 

Banks exist to serve their communities, and it is no secret that we make dreams come true. From financing someone’s first home to giving loans for college or a new small business venture, we are there for our customers and our collective communities every step of the way. Our economy truly could not function without us. While this is the case, the perception of our industry, whether founded or unfounded, still has its challenges with the news of an impending recession and increased housing costs, interest rates and cost of living. 

Most, if not all, banks in the commonwealth are regularly supporting their communities through donations, sponsorships and volunteering opportunities. Many banks partner with local organizations as members of their boards or committees. And while this is fantastic and incredibly necessary for Pennsylvania’s economy to continue to thrive, support at the individual bank level will not unleash the full potential of the industry. Thus, we need to come together as one unit.  

To quote Aristotle, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – just as the Pennsylvania banking industry is stronger when we work together to support the industry and our communities. The banking industry is as unique as the communities it serves, and it takes banks of all sizes working together to make the most impact.

How can you become involved?

We are stronger together - The banking industry is strong when PA bankers work together to support the industry and their communities. With the association’s help, banks of all sizes regularly come together in a variety of ways to strengthen the banking industry across the commonwealth and, as part of this campaign, we encourage our members’ participation in the following:

  • Advocating on behalf of the banking industry at the state and federal levels;
  • Recruiting the next generation of bankers by supporting Bankwork$, the PA Bankers Intern Program, CSBS Community Bank Case Study Competition, etc.;
  • Developing future bank leaders and training the workforce through conferences, seminars, schools and the PA Bankers Leadership Institute;
  • Engaging with peers to discuss challenges and working collectively as an industry to resolve them;
  • Supporting local communities through volunteerism and funding for nonprofits and small businesses;
  • Supporting diversity, equity and inclusion efforts across the enterprise to include the workforce, customers and communities; and 
  • Supporting financial literacy efforts and expanding banking access through Bank On certified accounts to increase financial stability across the state. 
To stay connected to the campaign, use #PABankersStrongerTogether on social media when you participate in any of the above events or opportunities.