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Sales requires a combination of product knowledge, price, features and solutions, but this is not enough for today’s savvy buyer. Research clearly indicates that to achieve high levels of success in business development and sales, it requires effectively differentiating ourselves from competitors and catching and holding the attention of distracted prospects and buyers. 

What separates average performance from high performance is the ability to create emotionally satisfying experiences for the buyer, using positive psychology strategies that influence buying behaviors.

Through our In-Bank High Performance Sales and Prospecting Program, participants will be encouraged to enhance their business and sales development skills by learning and practicing innovative approaches to meeting prospects that work for real people in the real world. 

This program will provide a commonsense system, based in proven sales psychology, that will help participants learn how to:

  • Overcome three relationship myths that are holding them back;
  • Use five levers that open the door to stronger relationships that quickly increase sales results; and
  • Make instant emotional connections that minimize objections and move buyers to reveal their real problems and needs.

 Program Objectives:
  • Sharpen Sales and Prospecting Skills
  • Manage Disruptive Emotions
  • Create Enthusiasm and an Optimistic Mindset
  • Think “Win-Win”
  • Meet More Opportunities
  • Develop More Profitable Friendships
  • Increase Productivity and Profits


  • The 30-Day Rule
  • The Law of Replacement
  • The 5 Cs to Social Selling
  • The 5-Step Telephone Prospecting Framework
  • The 3 Keys to Turning Around Objections
  • “Working your Book” – Building Your Business Through Your Business
  • Effective Networking at Business and Social Events
  • “Pipeline Is King” – How to Develop and Manage a Deeper Pipeline


  About the Presenter:
Dennis Budinich
Founder and Creator, FTCTogether

Throughout his entire career, Dennis has dedicated himself to helping others be their best by sharing with them the most effective success principles and how to apply them. In all his high-energy learning programs, Dennis shares the information he acquired in the fields of positive psychology and self-science, Emotional Intelligence as well as his personal experiences as a successful financial professional and entrepreneur. 

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